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Originally published: 2012-10-25 15:10:36
Last modified: 2012-10-25 15:10:36

Harvest Festival at Beech Mountain Saturday

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“It has been a tradition for about 50 years,” said Beech Mountain Community Club Vice President Kelly McGuire, describing the community’s yearly Harvest Festival. “That is one thing everybody in the community comes out for, the Harvest Festival.”

Beech Mountain Community Club will host its annual Harvest Festival beginning at 6 p.m. this Saturday, Oct. 27, at Beech Mountain Community Center. 

Following in a long tradition of celebrating the fruits of a long summer farming, the Harvest Festival will feature a delicious array of homemade foods and deserts in the cafeteria. The festival also provides an opportunity for community members to join together in a variety of family friendly games, including bingo, zoo-dip, glass pitch, dart throw, spinning wheel and fishing. 

“It is people from our community,” said McGuire, who noted that hundreds of people also come from all over the region and even other states. “It is an great tradition and we are going to keep it going as long as we can.”

In addition to plenty of food and games, raffle tickets will also be one sale during the festival. For the price of $1, anyone can purchase the chance to win one of three prizes. The third place winner will receive a pair of handmade Indian dolls, the second-place ticket holder will take home a hand-hooked rug and the first-place winner will walk away with the grand prize of $100. 

As one of Beech Mountain Community Club’s biggest fundraisers, the Harvest Festival helps to insure that the community club is able to keep the former Beech Mountain Elementary School maintained and available for use by the community. 

The funds also help the club put on other special events throughout the year, including a dinner for seniors and veterans beginning at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 10, with dinner served from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., followed by recognition for the veterans and the area’s oldest citizens. 

The Harvest Festival and other events require a lot of planning and work. As a nonprofit, Beech Mountain Community Club relies on volunteers and still welcomes anyone willing to pitch in for the Harvest Festival.

For more information on Beech Mountain Community’s Harvest Festival or to volunteer, call Beech Mountain Community Club at (828) 898-5051 or call president Cathy Trivett at (828) 898-9299.