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From left, Maria Rosado, Kay Turbyfill, Terry McNay and Katie Benfield represent every aspect of health and beauty, from spa services, to clinical treatments to hair styling. By centralizing the services of the salon and clinical spa around Health and Wellness Initiatives Clinic, the team of professionals ensures that both the immediate and underlying health and beauty needs of their clients are met.

Originally published: 2012-11-21 14:36:42
Last modified: 2012-11-21 14:36:42

The Spa and Salon at Banner Elk

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The newly formed Spa and Salon at Banner Elk, accompanying the previously established Health and Wellness Initiatives clinic, offers a breadth of service that not only allows customers to see to their beauty needs, but identify the underlying health problems, nutritional deficiencies or metabolic imbalances that cause health and beauty problems in the first place.
By partnering with Kay Turbyfill and Susan Burns of HWI Clinic, Terry McNay, Maria Rosado, Mike Kopacka, Katie Benfield and the rest of the staff of Spa and Salon at Banner Elk have created a central location where anyone can come to have their immediate beauty needs met, but also to establish long term plans for continued health.
“We look at the whole person,” Turbyfill said. “We try to look at everything that is going on.”
To illustrate Turbyfill’s point, Rosado, whose specialized in post-trauma skin treatments before bringing her talents as a nurse to the spa, related the story of a customer whose trouble maintaining her fingernails after manicures led her down the hall to Turbyfill, who identified fundamental, underlying metabolic and nutritional deficiencies that were preventing the patient not only from maintaining her finger and toenails, but also from living a full energetic life.
The Spa and Salon at Banner Elk is located 144 Azalea Circle, Banner Elk, and is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The spa’s accompanying salon opens at 8 a.m. on Monday through Saturday each week. In addition to the full service hair salon, the spa provides services that include, but are not limited to, Swedish, deep-tissue and hot-stone massages, facial treatments and scrubs. To learn more about The Spa and Salon at Banner Elk, call (828) 898-3344 or click to For more information on HWI Clinic, click to
By having a nerve center of collaboration with health experts administering beauty treatments, The Spa and Salon at Banner Elk and HIW Clinic are able to breech the divide between beauty and health and help their clients ensure that their health enhances their beauty and vice versa.
“We try to look at the root cause of the illness,” Turbyfill said, “not just treating it after the diagnosis.”
In pursuit of this holistic approach, Turbyfill now offers a variety of specialty treatments that may not be available through a traditional physician, including targeted lymphatic massage and IV treatments.”
In the theme of connecting health and beauty, Rosado has recently begun to administer a specialized facial treatment designed to help mitigate or reverse the damage done to skin by chemotherapy and radiation treatments.
“These products allow us to nourish the skin back to a healthy form.”
For more information about The Spa and Salon at Banner Elk, call (828) 898-3344 or click to For more information on HWI Clinic, click to