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Originally published: 2012-11-19 20:32:04
Last modified: 2012-11-19 20:32:04

Veterans’ Corner 11.22.12

Online source for 2012 VA benefits …

This website provides a complete listing of all VA benefits. It can be downloaded to your computer. It is a complete book. It is the most current listing of benefits available. Click to

Schools that give college credit for military service …

Did you know that you can eliminate up to two years of college time by using ACE Credits and CLEP Exams? That means an associate degree may be only a semester away; soldiers can get up to 48 credit hours or more using ACE credits and CLEP exams. Earn your degree in less time by searching hundreds of military friendly schools that accept ACE Credits and CLEP Exams. Click to

Vets life insurance …

Vets can increase their Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI) by $25,000 on each fifth anniversary to a maximum of $400,000. 

Changes in TRICARE Dental Program … 

Recent changes in the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) have left some military families paying out of pocket. Many local dentists are not part of the new contractor’s network, and though they may still “accept TRICARE,” they will require a patient to pay beyond normal cost shares. This may result in charging patients the balance between their charges and what the TDP would pay for. Dentists in the TRICARE network are not permitted to do that. Thus, beneficiaries should find out first if their dentist is part of the network. To find a list of providers or address other TRICARE Dental concerns, call the MetLife Dental Customer Contact Service Center at (855) 638-8371 or visit the MetLife TDP website. Beneficiaries should have their Social Security number and that of their sponsor on-hand before calling or visiting the website.

VA healthcare eligibility …

Eligibility for VA healthcare is dependent upon a number of variables, which may influence the final determination of the services for which you qualify. These factors include the nature of a veteran’s discharge from military service (e.g., honorable, other than honorable, dishonorable), length of service, VA adjudicated disabilities (commonly referred to as service-connected disabilities), income level and available VA resources among others. Get a full summary of eligibility by clicking to

Note: Those without computers can go a library for computer assistance.

For VA questions, call Georgia Henry at (828) 733-8211. 

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