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Originally published: 2011-03-09 13:39:19
Last modified: 2011-03-10 11:49:24

Avery County Court Report - March 10, 2011

The following information is courtesy of the Avery County Clerk of Court Office.


Listed charges are misdemeanors (m) and felonies (F) only.

We have listed attorneys for each case if that information was readily available.

ret. = retained attorney.

apt. = court-appointed attorney.

waiv. = defendant waived his/her right to a court-appointed attorney.


The following cases were heard in Avery County Criminal District Administrative Court March 3 with the Honorable Judge Greg Horne presiding. Britt Springer prosecuted.


            Bruce D. Crowe (apt. J. Seegers); (m) probation violation; pled guilty, found guilty; credit for time served.

            Dmitriy Matev (waiv); (m) consuming alcohol by 19/20-year-old; pled guilty, found guilty; $150 fine, $133 court costs.


The following cases were continued:


March 11: Jessica Arnett, Randy Arnett, James R. Boone, Renee Hernandez, Joan Stocton

March 18: Larry C. Goodman, Walter Hollingsworth, Kenneth D. Norris

April 4: Harley Mills, Samantha Schneider

April 6: Adam McDaniels

April 7: Josh D. Beck, Carl J. Bindlechner, Kevin M. Chabreck, Comey J. Harris

April 8: Mark R. Benfield, Cecilia J. Braswell, Denise Damianos-Kelly, Chandler K. Hilley, Joeph E. Hollifield, Blake C. Jameson, Joshua L. Jeffers, Sean M. Kress, John K. Lynne, Bradley A. McGee, Jeff McKinney, Andrew K. Overton, Luke J. Palmer

April 14: Timothy C. Brewer, Russell J. Page, Susan E. Russ

April 15: James R. Callahan, Kindell B. Calloway, Gordon Franklin, Nina D. Gragg, Wanda N. Maloney, Pam C. Pate

May 27: Jarrod E. Banner

Sept. 1: Thomas J. Cole, Shelby McKinney, Ryan T. Scurfield, Michael B. Wiles, Jacob A. Zlogar

Sept. 3: Stephanie M. King, Cody Miller


The following cases were dismissed:


            Mary S. Pope, (m) larceny; dismissed per deferral agreement.


The following orders for arrest for failure to appear were issued:


            Omar Figueroa, (m) simple worthless check.

            Brandi L. Hubbard, (m) possessing marijuana up to .5 ounce.