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Originally published: 2011-05-13 08:22:01
Last modified: 2011-05-13 08:22:10

Avery County Court Report - May 12, 2011

The following information is courtesy of the Avery County Clerk of Court Office.


Listed charges are misdemeanors (m) and felonies (F) only.

We have listed attorneys for each case if that information was readily available.

ret. = retained attorney.

apt. = court-appointed attorney.

waiv. = defendant waived his/her right to a court-appointed attorney.


The following cases were heard in Avery County Domestic Violence Court May 4 with the Honorable Judge Greg Horne presiding. Meredith Roberts prosecuted.


The following cases were continued:


            Aug. 1: Cecilia J. Braswell, Kindell Calloway


The following cases were dismissed:


            Max R. Potter, (m) assault on a female.

            William S. Wright, (m) harassing phone call and (m) stalking.           


The following cases were heard in Avery County District Administrative Court May 6 with the Honorable Judge Alexander Lyerly presiding. Britt Springer prosecuted.


            Christopher L. Kirk (waiv); (m) possession of drug paraphernalia; pled guilty, found guilty; 38 days active sentence.


The following cases were continued:


            May 13: James C. Arnett, Evan J. Buchanan, Robert A. Cook, Tylor N. Cook, Timothy H. Holden, Cynthia Hopson, Sarah Mayberry, Susan C. Mayberry, Calvin Metcalf, Dood Pritchard, Christina Pudney, Margarettanne Quinn, Bryan Webb

            May 18: John E. Cable, Jason C. Clawson, Robert E. Hartshorne, Patricia C. Tucker

            May 27: Michael S. Eggers, Patricia T. Murphy, Johnny L. Pyatte, Amber Stapleton, Denise L. Townsend

June 2: Chasity D. Clark

June 3: Tiffany N. Church, Bobby J. Coffey, David A. Johnson, Samual Wyatt

June 8: Gregory B. Brewer, Matthew B. Taylor, Scott P. Veach

June 16: Dustin C. Jones

June 17: Trevor B. Barnett, Shelly R. Helms, Mari-Liis Smyth, Charlene A. Daniels, Darren S. Munsell, Justin D. Shook, Patricia G. Trice

June 27: Miguel Jimenez

Nov. 1: Heather S. Townsend, James T. Wolfe

May 6, 2012: Dillon McClellan


The following cases were dismissed:


            Brandi N. French, (m) contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile; dismissed per deferral agreement.

            Jordan L. Jenklin, (m) possessing marijuana up to .5 ounce.


The following orders for arrest for failure to appear were issued:


            Brian Crockett, (m) assault on a government official.

            Kathy A. Gibson, (m) simple possession of a schedule IV controlled substance.

            Alberto Solis, driving while impaired.

            Becky B. Watson, (m) shoplifting or concealing goods.