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Originally published: 2012-02-17 10:44:05
Last modified: 2012-02-17 10:44:42

Land Transfers 2.17.12

The following information is courtesy of Avery County Register of Deeds. Excise tax is assessed at $2 per $1,000 of reported sales price.
Feb. 6: Buyer: Dierdre M. Darnall. Seller: Carolyn R. Bulliner, Estate of Caroline B. Ross. 
Feb. 6: Unit, Blue Ridge Village. Buyer: Howard Hamilton. Seller: Phillip W. and Janet F. Shelton, Daniel Garrett. 
Feb. 6: Lot 100, Land Harbors of America. Buyer: Lloyd R. Snow, Lloyd R. Snow Living Trust. Seller: Lloyd R. Snow.
Feb. 6: Unit, Westridge Country Houses. Buyer: Dusty R. Krull. Seller: Richard F. and Kay A. Burleigh. 
Feb. 6: Lot 175, Oak Hills, Land Harbor. Buyer: Wendi Kaye and Paul A. Adam, Betty Kaye. L. Welter. Seller: Wendi Kaye and Paul A. Adam. 
Feb. 6: Buyer: Paul J. Sferrazza. Seller: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, American Home Mortgage Investment Trust, American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. Excise tax: $248.
Feb. 6: Buyer: Charles H. Parsons. Seller: Marilyn Parsons. 
Feb. 6: Buyer: Christopher J. and Ashley D. Carpenter. Seller: Charles H. and Carolyn Parsons. 
Feb. 7: Buyer: Vernon Turbyfill. Seller: Bank of America. Excise tax: $12.
Feb. 8: Buyer: Eric and Catherine McGee. Seller: Mary Ellen Hollifield, Laura Kay and Jess Simerely, Charlotte J. and Estal Edwards, Estate of Aaron Gaylon Biddix Jr., Mary Ellen Hollifield. Excise tax: $187.
Feb. 9: Lot 1A, Donaldson Lands. Buyer: Sonja Shea and Dayne E. Anderson. Seller: Sonja Shea. 
Feb. 9: Buyer: Irma Jarvie, Charles Robert and James Carroll Taylor. Seller: Irma R. Jarvis. 
Feb. 10: Unit, Carolina North Condo. Buyer: Joyce E. Wanemaker, Joyce E. Wanemaker Living Trust. Seller: Joyce E. Wanemaker, Joyce E. Wanemaker Living Trust.
Feb. 10: Unit, Grandfather Lodge. Buyer: Elmer Don and Leigh Elrod Yost. Seller: Harold M. Boardman Jr., Carol C. Boardman. Excise tax: $720.
Feb. 10: Buyer: Stephen Thomas Newton Jr., Crystal C. Newton. Seller: Steven J. and Courtney S. Valentine. Excise tax: $330.