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Originally published: 2012-10-25 15:23:40
Last modified: 2012-10-25 15:23:40

2012 Avery County elections

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While it can be difficult to turn on a television or computer without being bombarded with advertisements about presidential candidates, there is far more than a presidential election on the ballot this November. In fact Avery voters will be presented with two-dozen additional decisions. Two of those races are specific to Avery County, including Avery County Board of Commissioners and the hotly contested position of county coroner.

Avery County Board of Commissioners: 

Three open seats will go to three of four possible candidates. 

Robert (Reo) Griffith (Republican):Griffith carried more than 20 percent of the vote during the primary election, falling just behind Hicks, but edging out incumbent commissioner candidate Scott Heath for his seat on the General Election ballot.

Martha Jaynes Hicks (Republican):Also with an extensive experience on the board of commissioners, Hicks carried the primary vote by a four-point margin. During the primary race, Hicks noted her dedication to several causes, including Internet access and services for seniors and veterans.

Douglas Owen (Democrat): 
Owen ran unopposed in the May primary to represent the Democratic Party in the General Election bid for the three seats on the Avery County Board of Commissioners. During the primary Owen stated that party lines are secondary to the need to lower Avery County’s unemployment. 
Kenny Poteat (Republican):
Long-time county commissioner and commissioner chairman, Poteat has put in 18 years on the board. In the primary race, Poteat voiced his desire to continue work on long-term projects, such as a high school for Avery County.

County Coroner: 

While John A. Millan will appear uncontested on the Nov. 6 ballot, Linda Webb announced earlier this year that she would run as a write-in candidate for the same position, initiating a write-in campaign. The contest between Millan and Webb has become visible on Avery County streets as the two would-be coroner’s signs mix with those of regional and state candidates on roadsides.County Register of Deeds: 

Renee Dellinger will appear unopposed on this year’s General Election ballot. 

Sample ballots

If you missed the sample ballot in the Oct. 18 issue of The Avery Journal-Times, you can still view a ballot before heading to the polls by clicking to and clicking “My Election Information.” From there, follow the prompts to your own copy of the sample ballot.