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An arial view of Beech’s new Bark Park.
Photo by Amy Morrison

Originally published: 2012-10-11 14:10:40
Last modified: 2012-10-11 14:10:40

Beech Mountain’s new Bark Park hosts first event, hopes to expand

Beech Mountain’s new Bark Park hosted the town’s 6th annual dog show Labor Day weekend. A total of 48 dogs competed and those four-dozen furry competitors drew quite a crowd – nearly 300 people watched dogs prance through the big dog pen that was erected this past spring. 

The show was a fundraiser for Friends for Life and the Bark Park itself, with $1,080 raised. Every dog went home with a ribbon, while some took honors in categories like “The Most Spots” and “The Longest Tail.”

The Bark Park currently sits on Beech Mountain town property, and expands the new streetscape. With new funds, the park committee hopes to add additional benches and picnic tables, a pet friendly ADA accessible water fountain, agility/play features for the dogs and construction of a hiking trail to circumnavigate the park. Just as the community came together to raise funds and provide a location, many residents find that it is a way to connect with other Beech Mountain residents. 

James True, a full-time resident, said he has “easily met more people at the Bark Park since it opened last winter than in the five years I’ve lived on Beech Mountain. It is by far my favorite new addition to Beech.”

Beech Mountain’s new Bark Park is located at the far northeast corner of the “Kite Field” near Beech Mountain Town Hall. For more information, click to or call (828) 387-3003.