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Reo Griffith swears his oath on a bible held by his wife, Nancy Griffith, for his first term as
Avery County’s newest county commissioner.

Originally published: 2012-12-07 12:10:43
Last modified: 2012-12-07 12:10:43

County officials inducted

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Newly elected county officials swore their oaths of office on Monday, Dec. 3, officially placing them in their new elected positions, including three county commissioners, Kenny Poteat, Martha Hicks and Reo Griffith; county coroner, John Millan; register of deeds, Renee Dellinger; and Dellinger’s assistant register of deeds and deputy register of deeds, Erin Grindstaff and Chase Dellinger.

Millan was the first to take his oath of office early on Monday, followed by Dellinger, who took the oath to serve another term as Avery County Register of Deeds. Warren Hughes, district court judge for the 24th Judicial District, oversaw the swearing in of both Millan and Dellinger. Dellinger then administered the oath to her staff, Deputy Register of Deeds Dellinger and Assistant Register of Deeds Grindstaff.

Later the same day, Dellinger, in turn, swore in Avery County’s newest commissioner, Griffith, and two returning commissioners, Poteat and Hicks. 

Each county official swore three separate oaths, first to uphold the U.S. constitution, then to uphold the N.C. constitution and then to execute the duties of their elected positions.

Poteat expressed his appreciation for his upcoming 20 years in service, as well as the health and strength to continue to serve.

“I have been through this a few times,” Poteat said. “I am looking forward to working with Reo.”Griffith spoke on his view of the role of the board of commissioners.

“We are about being a good steward of the taxpayers’ money,” Griffith said. Griffith took his seat on the commissioners’ table later the same day during the regularly scheduled December meeting.

Martha Hicks thanked her family and the voters for their support in the past and asked for their support in the coming years.