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Judge Eddy Labus inspects chickens shown by junior competitors Dayton Calhoun, Lane Hoilman, Grayson Hoilman and Sierra Smith.
Photo by Matthew Hundley

Originally published: 2012-09-12 14:58:14
Last modified: 2012-09-12 14:58:14

Fair for all

Matthew Hundley / (

Avery County Fair drew huge crowds to Heritage Park last Friday and Saturday, Sept. 7 and 8, thanks to a slew of new events, attractions and competitions, including a sawing contest, coon dog trials, cupcake wars, lawnmower racing and the now famous hog-wrestling competition.
“This is probably one of our most successful fairs we have ever had. Except for the first two days, our attendance was up over previous years. The lower price at the gate cost us some money, but I think we helped families who wanted to come out here,” said Avery County Cooperative Extension Director and Fair Board President Jerry Moody. “The pig wrestling was a success. In fact, the people want us to have a youth division, women’s division and a men’s division next year. We will see what we can about that. The lawnmower race went great. There were wrecks and everything, so people were happy about that. No one got hurt.”
According to Moody, Avery residents found more to enjoy at this fair than in years past.
“For the most part, when I asked people on their way out, people said it was the best fair we have ever had, with all the different activities,” said Moody who noted plans to expand the new features in the coming year. Everything we added seemed to really work, so we are looking forward to more events just like this.”
Before they decide what and how to expand, however, Moody hopes to garner input from fair-goers themselves.
“We will probably be coming back to the community to seek their help and input in designing next year’s fair,” said Moody, who encouraged anyone with suggestions to call the fair phone number, (828) 733-6870, or Avery County Cooperative Extension at (828) 733-8270.