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A crew composed of Wayne Holden, Danny Blackburn, Taylor Hartman and Jason DeWitt use a crane to secure an almost 40-foot Avery County tree in Orlando, Fla.
Photo by Jason DeWitt

Originally published: 2012-11-21 14:12:36
Last modified: 2012-11-21 14:12:36

Fir Florida

Matthew Hundley / (

Sugar Mountain Nursery of Newland was the contractor of choice to raise an almost 40-foot municipal Christmas tree at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando, Fla., late last week.
Two years ago, Lake Eola’s Christmas tree blew over on Christmas Eve and sparked a loud cry for help.
Last year, the Town of Orlando hired Wayne Holden of Sugar Mountain Nursery to do the tree raising professionally in order to withstand tremendous wind gusts.