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Originally published: 2013-09-18 16:20:44
Last modified: 2013-09-18 16:43:50

Obamacare enrollment begins October 1 as N.C. prepares for transition

Caroline Harris / (

Mandatory enrollment in insurance under the Affordable Care Act, more commonly referred to as Obamacare, begins Oct. 1. As enrollment looms and North Carolina prepares for the transition, one thing politicians and parties seem to agree on is that there is no consensus as to what impact Obamacare will have on healthcare.

It is America’s first foray into universal healthcare, and foundations are already popping up to explain the law, what it means for you and how to enroll in the insurance plan. In order to do that, the more than 2,000 pages of the act must be interpreted into real-life implementation, proving no easy task.
In an interview during a Blue Cross Blue Shield-run informational session on Obamacare, BCBS employee Roy Watson said, “With the law, with how much information continues to come out constantly, you have to make assumptions and decisions on what’s going on,” an unnerving statement to the rest of us when coming from an insurance professional.

Universal healthcare was one of President Obama’s campaign platforms in the 2008 election, and the bipartisan Senate Finance Committee drafted the act in 2009. After a tumultuous trip through the House and Senate, Obama signed the final version of the act into law on March 30, 2010. Technically, there is a possibility that Obamacare will not be funded by the legislature, but the chances of that seem slim.

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