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Originally published: 2012-07-03 14:54:26
Last modified: 2012-07-03 14:54:26

Basics and advanced lessons learned at BA Sports Camps

BA Sports Camps, led by Avery Middle School boys basketball head coach Brian Adams, took place for the second consecutive year throughout the final two weeks of June at Banner Elk Elementary School Gymnasium. 

The camps began with a point guard, shooting guard and small forward camp for middle school and high school boys and girls from Thursday to Saturday, June 14 to 16, with a cheerleading camp held from Monday to Wednesday, June 25 to 27. The camps concluded from Thursday to Saturday, June 26 to 28, with a power forward and center basketball camp.

Basketball campers attended three-hour sessions that included shooting, post play and defensive drills, in addition to team offense and defense.

“The weeks of camp have gone pretty well,” Adams said following one of the camp sessions. “We’ve had a good amount of kids, and it’s been a great experience.”

In addition to learning a pick-and-roll and how to properly post a defender on the block, Adams emphasized another facet of the camp sunk in as deeply as any tactic learned.

“I wanted everybody to learn the importance of hard work on the floor,” Adams added. “If players want to get to that next level or do something in their lives, they have to work hard in everything they do, especially if they want to be a basketball player. They have to work hard and believe in themselves.”

More than 30 youth basketball players have taken part in BA Sports Camps, and several campers have pleasantly surprised Adams during the course of the three-day events.

“What has surprised me most is how hard the players have worked. I like seeing the kids working hard in doing the drills and the exercises,” Adams said. “The kids believe in working hard to be successful, and those are the kind of players I like having in the camps, kids who truly want to be here and work to get better.”

BA Sports Camps strives to lay a foundation of basketball skills and knowledge that players can build upon during middle school and high school basketball seasons, extracurricular leagues and teams or simply a game of one-on-one in the family driveway.

“This camp improves the kids who participate so much because they will have skills already developed and can enter a team and game situation ready to play,” Adams explained. “These kids in camp aren’t sitting around all summer, but are working to get better to help themselves and their teams. We work them hard enough in our camp so that when they do go back to their teams they can contribute and immediately help the team win.”

Adams believes the summer camps will grow in coming years and can become an important part of the development of local players, helping average players become good players, and good players become great.

“My goal is to help young people in achieving their dreams and help them as basketball players to get better,” Adams said. “I hope the camp helps players believe that no matter how tall or how short they are, they can do anything they want to.”